Opinion makers

If someone...
Learns 10 musical chords  = Musician!
Learns 10 musical chords  and knows how to write song lyrics = Composer!
Learns how to deal with "Pro tools" = Producer!
Teaches how to play a song in a video  = Teacher!
Buys an "ultra super" digital camera = Photographer!
Learns how to deal with 'photoshop' = Designer!
Writes an article about a picture = Advertiser!
Gives his/her opinion written down = Journalist!
Speaks bad things about things he/she doesn't even know = Critic!
Learns how to edit videos  = Movie maker!
Uploads his/her videos on the Internet = Actor/Actress!

You may be talented and easily do a lot of things. Technology, nowadays, will show you the way and help you a lot, and that's great!
But nothing is as simple as it seems. If you want to become a professional in any area that involves art or communication, a considerable amount of dedication is needed, hardwork and knowledge ,indeed!
Nowadays, critic comes from anybody's mouth ! Anyone with a 'mouse' in his/her hand has the power to judge a personal work exposed on the Internet.
The problem is that everybody  is layman in some area (which is completely normal). But what happens is that the majority doesn't recognise this nor even care about it. And then they judge these things as if they were capable of doing such thing.
Thus , people, even more start to have no reference at all! And , because they have no references, "Opinion makers" begin to appear telling the public 'what's good and what's not'.
Then , if a TV presenter says about someone: "He's the best of Brazil" people will believe him, because he's on TV after all!  He must be an important person and capable of it, isn't he?  However , unfortunately, he is not able to do that as well.
Judging art is always a difficult thing, as it deals with things that do not have an exact parameter. But, the least that is expected from someone that assumes this role is that he/she has the required knowledge of the analyzed area. 
How can a journalist that isn't even capable of understanding beats or musical intervals only by hearing them, can become a musical critic?
It would be the same as asking a musician to evaluate a journalist's literary work...
But, as we have no references, what is said is accepted!
It is the same case of the famous fable  "The Emperor's New Clothes".
Some are blind in their perception and need to trust in what is said to him/her. Some others may see, but in the end believe the Emperor is wearing something at all, because they don't feel comfortable to judge or to doubt of what it said. And the wise ones say the Emperor is all dressed-up, they also say to the people that only the smart ones can see his clothes!
Maybe we need a little of children's inside us and more humility in our hearts to realize what's obvious, because the Emperor's not wearing anything!
Art  is something free, and all can dare to do it! All can write about something or/and give his/her opinion about it!
But not all of them are genius just because began their activities !
And  how many beginners have became famous, rich ... being acclaimed as stars  by the clever ones! All in all they are all naked! You only need to see!

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